EroJapanese Bronze Membership

$19.99 / month

Get 15 EroKoins and download 15 subtitles for free per month.

1 subtitle in any Collection = 1 EroKoin

You will automatically receive 15 EroKoins every month.

Enjoy amazing discounts after your spend all your EroKoins within a month:

  • Regular Price Collection: 7.99 USD -> 3.00 USD
  • Beloved Collection: 5.99 USD -> 2.25 USD
  • Classics Collection: 3.99 USD -> 1.50 USD


  1. Purchase this membership separately. Do NOT add any other products to this Order.
  2. EroKoins do NOT accumulate. EroKoins reset automatically every 30 days.
  3. If you wish to purchase more products after spending all your EroKoins within a month, you must ensure your minimum purchase is at least 3.00 USD, otherwise you will receive an error message during checkout.

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