How to Use Subtitles

Follow these steps to use subtitles after acquiring one of our products:

1. Download the corresponding zip file for the product you acquired.

2. Unzip the file by double-clicking on it.

3. After unzipping, you will find a new folder (e.g., BBAN-025) containing three files:

– 1 Instructions file
– 1 .srt or .ass file
(the subtitles file)
– 1 movie cover

4. Open the Instructions file and locate the Mega link to download the movie file specific to the product acquired (e.g., BBAN-025.mp4). The Mega link looks like this:

5. Download the movie file… and Keep It Forever!

6. Once the movie file has finished downloading, place it in the same folder as the subtitles file from step 3.

7. Make sure both files have the same name, such as:

BBAN-025.mp4 (movie file) (subtitle file)

8. Open the movie file (e.g., BBAN-025.mp4) using a media player like VLC (our recommended media player). The subtitles should now be visible.

Note: You may find it helpful to watch this YouTube video illustrating part of the procedure described.