1. How to Download Subtitles

Check out this How-to Guide to find out what you will get when you acquire the Full Access Membership to download subtitles.

2. How to Use Subtitles

Check out this other How-to Guide to learn how to use subtitles after downloading them.

3. I have a higher quality copy of the movie I purchased, but the subtitles seem to be out of sync. How can I adjust the subtitles to match my video?

To adjust the subtitles, follow these steps using Aegisub, a free program for creating and editing subtitles:

1. Open the subtitles file (.srt or .ass) in Aegisub.
2. Go to the Timing menu and select “Shift Times…”
3. In the Time section, enter the desired adjustment in minutes and seconds. Experiment with different values until you achieve the desired synchronization.
4. Choose either “Forward” or “Backward” based on the file you have.
5. Select “All rows.”
6. Click on “Start and End Times” and then press “OK.”
7. Check if the timing is now correct. If not, repeat the process starting from step 3.

4. What will appear on my credit card bill?

The following information will appear on your credit card bill: vtsup.com*XCAPEPLAN

5. Do you translate/subtitle private movie requests?

Yes, we do! Check out our JAV Translation Services to find out how to engage our services.