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New JAV with English Subtitles Released on 6 May 2022

New JAV with English Subtitles – Newsletter 8-09

Hitomi Retires!

You may cry now…

R18: Hello, Hitomi! It’s so nice and so sad that this is the interview we’re having. You’re retiring! How do you feel about that?

Hitomi: Yes! I’m retiring! My feeling is that 14 years is a long time, but it was quick.

R18: You said on Twitter that you started thinking about retiring back in 2020. Did something make you consider retiring?

Hitomi: It was still Corona that made me think about retiring. I wanted to go to the US and was working on getting a VISA before Corona, but the US also had a long-term lockdown and all my VISAs were stopped. That lasted for about a year, and I don’t even know when Corona will end. And our work is not something that can be masked, so of course, there was that concern, and also because I was rethinking my future when I couldn’t work.

R18: How has the love of your fans in Japan and overseas made you feel since becoming a JAV actress?

Hitomi: My fans are so warm and funny! Japanese fans are easy to deal with because they know my personality! I know my overseas fans can’t understand everything because of the language difference, but they still support me and praise me so much, which makes me happy!

R18: You also said on Twitter that, without your fans, you probably wouldn’t have gone this long. How long did you think you’d be in porn?

Hitomi: If you didn’t have a single fan, you wouldn’t be motivated to do it, right? But I had a lot of fans outside of Japan, and it was great to actually meet some overseas fans at AVN!

I didn’t know how long I’d be performing because I hadn’t decided ahead of time.

R18: You’ve been in the industry since 2008. We’re over ten years. How does life look for you after the final movie?

Hitomi: As for my life after retirement, I won’t disclose it because it is a private matter, but it is fulfilling.

One thing I will say is that I’m not getting married, so everyone can relax.

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